The Pilot Shirt

Presenting The High Tech Pilot Shirt

4 Stripes introduces the only pilot shirt that protects pilots from harmful UV rays.

With a mission to provide safer workplaces for pilots, 4 Stripes created a shirt that makes pilot’s health the priority while offering unmatched comfort and style. Packed with powerful features such as non-Iron and nano fabric, you can feel the difference wearing this one-of-a-kind shirt.

Start wearing 4 Stripes shirts and treat yourself to comfort and elegance coupled with premium healthcare! 

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Women Pilot Shirt

For Pilots; By Pilots

As professional Pilots, we understand the needs of other Aviators in the field. We know the demands of the job firsthand and that is why we have dedicated ourselves to making a safer, cleaner, and more stylish shirt; one that we are proud to wear ourselves.

We have collaborated with leading fabric institutions across Europe to create products that supercharge your lifestyle by providing exceptional quality and comfort.

Our Pilot shirt will give you the professional look of an Aviator. With 4 Stripes you are protected against UV rays and you will enjoy a rarely seen level of comfort.

Making The Aviation World Safer and Healthier!

Harness the power of 4 Stripes shirts!

4 Stripes shirts reflect harmful UV rays, never allowing them to damage the covered skin, causing a healthier, safer working environment.

No matter what part of the world you are in, what season it is, or even the distance from the equator, the health risks will be significantly lessened by wearing our shirts.

UV Rays

Introducing the three types of UV Rays

UVA Rays

UVA rays can cause premature aging of skin cells and can damage your DNA. These are the rays that are linked to long-term skin damage, and they are what cause a few forms of skin cancers.

UVB Rays

UVB rays have more energy than UVA rays, making them more dangerous in the long run. They damage skin cells directly. UVB rays are the rays that cause sunburns and are responsible for a majority of skin cancers.

UVC Rays

UVC rays have the most energy of the three. But, these rays never make it through the atmosphere, and they are not involved with sunlight. Despite having the most energy, UVC rays are the most harmless of all rays.

Tested Material

A positive, healthy user experience is the top priority at 4 Stripes.

The promises and guarantees made by 4 Stripes are backed by tests and certifications performed at accredited institutions in Germany and Austria.

With the multiple tests and certifications awarded, you can purchase with the assurance that you’re receiving the best quality. 

What’s the difference?

Our best pilot shirts provide the upmost protection against UV rays. The diagram below is based on the results of UV Ray penetrability tests made by OETI and TITK.

It is proven, that our shirts block UV radiation with over 98 %. No matter what part of the world you are in, the health risks will be significantly lessened by wearing our shirt. 

Non-Protective Cotton Shirt


4 Stripes UV Protective Shirt



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