Redefining The Healthcare For Pilots

Redefining The Healthcare For Pilots

Our Mission is Your Safety and Comfort!

4 Stripes Shirts are designed with the intention of bringing the latest textile innovations to the aviation industry by introducing the only pilot shirt on the market that protects pilots from harmful UV rays.

In the aviation industry, healthcare is incredibly important. In order to promote safer workplaces for pilots, 4 Stripes created a shirt that makes pilot’s health a priority. Packed with powerful features such as Non-Iron and Nano fabric, the difference is immediately noticed when wearing this one- of-a-kind shirt.

Our shirts are specially designed with your comfort and health in mind at affordable prices.

No more lost time and energy wearing those conventional airline shirts. Experience comfort and elegance coupled with premium healthcare! 

UV Protective

Tested and Certified

Non iron

Wash. Hang. Wear.

Nano Fiber

Oil and stain resistance

Mission 4 Stripes

100% Cotton

Highest Quality

Commitment to Making A Difference

Life gets busy; shifts are taxing, and breaks are often too short. 4 Stripes wants to ensure that you get the most out of your time. We are committed to providing the best quality shirts to simplify your life. We have a unique mission goal:

Making Aviator’s Life Healthier and using a unique blend of non-iron and nano fabric features, we ensure you consistently save time while you’re off.

Enjoy your down time relaxing and getting ready for whatever comes next. You will no longer spend your time ironing after a long day at work. All you need to do is WASH, HANG and WEAR!

Because Pilot Healthcare Matters!

Cosmic rays, noise, UV rays, stress, limited rest times… the list is endless!
Pilots are facing these issues on a daily basis, and we believe it is the right time to make their healthcare a priority.

Tap into our amazing pilot shirts not because of our fancy words, but our mission to ensure you have a quality shirt that not only makes your work safer, but more comfortable as well.

Just imagine not worrying about harmful UV rays; imagine saving a lot of time and money! We are turning these dreams into a reality. Our shirts have been tested and certified to protect pilots all around the world from harmful UV radiation.
Spend your valuable time with your loved ones or pursuing other interests; redefine the way you work with 4 Stripes!

Just start wearing 4 Stripes shirts and give yourself the best treat ever! 

Tested and Certified

When it comes to the healthcare of pilots, we go above and beyond to ensure they get the best products. The promises in 4 Stripes are underlined by Testing and Certificates by accredited Institutes in Germany and Austria.

A positive, healthy mission, user experience is at the forefront of our product. With multiple tests and certifications being awarded from accredited institutes, you can purchase reassured that you’re receiving the best quality. 

For Pilots; By Pilots

As professional Pilots, we understand the needs of other Aviators in the field. We know the problems that can come from the job firsthand, and that is why we have dedicated ourselves to making a safer, cleaner, and stylish shirt that we would wear ourselves.

We have collaborated with leading fabric institutions across Europe to create products that supercharge your lifestyle. By choosing a health conscious pilot shirt, you are telling the workforce that your health is a priority, and encouraging similar changes to happen throughout the workplace. Let’s transform the health of our amazing community of pilots. 

Making The Aviation World Safer and Healthier!

Harness the power of 4 Stripes shirts!

4 Stripes shirts reflect harmful UV rays, never allowing them to damage the covered skin, causing a healthier, safer working environment.

With non-iron fabric 4 Stripes shirts, you are also helping us reduce our carbon footprint. By eliminating the ironing process we consume less electricity, and create less pollution.

Pilots are able to set their own standard of clothing. Let us raise the awareness and jumpstart the health of pilots.

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