The Airline Crew Is Under Higher Cancer Risk

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Airplanes are considered to be the most secure mean of traveling. Therefore, flying is by far safer than other modes of transport, like cars or trains. The chance of flight accidents is only 1 in 9,821, while the corresponding number in case of car and motorcycle traveling is 1 in 654 and 1 in 114, respectively. However, this is not the case for the airline crews.

There have been studies on this subject that have suggested that pilots and flight attendants. In terms of cancer they are of a higher risk of developing the deadliest type of skin cancer. According to a JAMA Dermatology’s study, people who work as flight crews display melanoma twice as often compared to the general population.

The cause why flight crews are being at a higher risk, isn’t known yet. But there is some information available. The researchers suggest that this could be due to their higher exposure to the ultraviolet radiation.  Known as UV Rays. At high altitudes, the earth’s protective shield gets thinner. As a result, the UV radiation damages the DNA in skin cells, causing melanoma. As the airline crew travels approximately 31,000 to 35.000 feet, the radiation that enters the cockpit, sets the pilots more vulnerable to the danger.

On those grounds, pilots and cabin crews must have complete situational awareness and submit to frequent skin checks. Furthermore, they need to take necessary measures to protect themselves from the UV radiation. Applying protective sunscreen creme might help, there are new ways to protect the skin.

The Pilot’s Shirt

Consequently, 4 Stripes GmbH has introduced the first UV Protective Pilot Shirts. The “Aviator Shirt” is the only pilot’s clothing that can guarantee their safety. This Pilot Shirt is the single shirt that its shield technology can protect from harmful UV rays. Another feature is, it can protect from injuries that can be caused by spilling hot beverages on. Nano fabric materials assure this promise. Except for protecting the pilots from hazardous  sun rays, it is also a 100% cotton pilot shirt. It can also be called as “wash & go” Shirt because it doesn’t need any ironing.

Cut above pilot shirts from 4 Stripes come in a luxury package, with its one-of-the-kind features. It has a built-in solution that can relieve the familiar to all airline pilots’ neck discomfort. Thus, the airline pilots’ shirt consists of a certified material that controls the temperature inside the collar.

Above all, it was created by a union of aviators who are familiar with the difficulties in the daily life of Pilots. With a mission of improving the aviators’ wear, they presented a simple and novel solution. The “Aviators Shirt” is available from 2020 onwards.

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