Short Sleeve Men Pilot Shirt

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4 Stripes presents the most convenient fit for Professional Aviators.

Our short sleeved shirt is convenient during summer season and gives you the best protection from harmful UV rays.

The tapered design from chest to the waist follow the contours of the body, but still giving you great flexibility.

The Certified material inside the collar will give you the feeling of luxury around your neck.

Enjoy your next flight with 4 Stripes shirts.



Pilot shirt size table (MEN)
NECK Size inch 14 1/2- 15 15 1/2 -15 3/4 16 – 16 1/2 17 – 17 1/2 17 3/4 – 18
NECK Size cm 37-38 39-40 41-42 43-44 45-46
CHEST (cm – inch) 109- 43 116 – 46 123 – 48 130 – 51 137 – 54
WAIST (cm – inch) 96 – 38 104 – 41 112 – 44 120 – 47 129 – 51
LENGTH (cm – inch) 80 – 31 1/2 81 – 32 81 – 32 83 – 33 83 – 33



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  4. DS

    Received the shirt with DHL Express within two days. I love the material but its slightly narrow around my waist.

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  5. AE

    I ordered two shirts, which were dispatched same day 🙂 The shirts themselves are fitted design I guess. I checked the measurements before I ordered, which worked well in my case. The best thing with this shirt is the material, impressive quality.

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  6. RS

    Had to return my first order because the size didn’t fit. The process was good handled with some delay. New shirts size fits better. I really like the cotton fibre.

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  7. JB

    Good shirt.Quality as expected at this price. The epaulets are nice and long so whether you have short aviation or mariner epaulets or long naval, conductor, or police epaulets, they fit comfortably. The 100% cotton material is perfect.”

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  8. 7P

    Great Pilot Shirt. I must admit, I bought this Aviator shirt due to the price and the fact that it’s 100% cotton. But after unpacking and trying it the first time, I was just impressed! Can’t believe they sell such a quality shirt at this price. Great fit and wonderful material that feels nice, especially the soft material inside the collar. (See picture) I was curious about the liquid resistant feature, so I tried it with coke. It really works!After the first wash, initially the shirt had some wrinkles. But after it dried on the hanger, it was almost as smooth as after Pressing. I will order again

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  9. R

    My Favorite shirt. After years of looking and trying, this is the first truly non-iron shirt I have come across. The trade off is well worth it!

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  10. PW

    Perfect. My husband has been wearing different brands for years! I found 4 Stripes through google search under ‘ best pilot shirt’. They don’t need to be pressed after drying, which saves a lot of time and energy. We’ll be buying again!”

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  11. C

    Overall good shirt. I am curious if the Non Iron work also after 2-3 month. .

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  12. M

    Great Item. Great quality, among all the average aviator shirts available.

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  13. A

    4 Stripes must be the standard for airline Pilots. This is a quality I’ve never experienced. UV protective, Non-Iron, and stain-resistant. There is nothing comparable. I strongly advise trying it

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  14. F

    Great product.Superb quality and durable. Haven’t tried a shirt that is even comparable to these.

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  15. MH

    Shirts.Best shirts I’ve ever worn

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  16. RF

    Great Shirt.Best pilot shirt I’ve ever had. I tried many shirt available, but this is a new quality standard. For those who expect more fromWork shirt.

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  17. DB

    Shirt’s fit great and quality is extremely good. Make sure you know your neck size when ordering. I even measured the rest of measurements given in the size table. Thankfully, it was right on target.

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  18. T

    Best Shirt on the Market.High quality shirt with all the right features. I appreciate the Non Iron feature and the fit. The material inside the collar is same colour and just perfect. Great shirt!

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  19. JM

    Perfect for Pilot Uniform.Ordered these because I didn’t like the quality of the company shirts. A lot of colleagues asked meWhere I bought them. Just impressive quality.

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  20. M

    Great Service.I had a problem with 1 item but the seller agreed to change it. Very Friendly customer service. Plus, the quality is just perfect

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  21. 3

    Good value.Love the quality and fit. Arrived later than expected, due to customs.

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  22. R

    Easy to wash and wear.Don’t waste your time and money trying other shirts. Order one from 4 Stripes. Just impressive.

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  23. Y

    Nice shirt.Professional quality shirt, much better than I expected when buying. Love the Non Iron and liquid repellant features

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  24. AM

    Pilots buy this shirt! 4 Stripes shirts are great for the price! Non-Iron feature is working!

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  25. G

    Great quality. Very comfortable fit. The only pilot shirt I’ll wear. Delivery took bit longer.

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  26. MT

    Great quality. Fits as expected. I ordered according to the size table and it worked!

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  27. LB

    The best by far. This is my 2nd shirt and I will continue to get more as needed. High quality and great look.

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  28. N

    Exactly what I was looking for.This shirt fits perfect with my CAP uniform. Make sure that you order the correct size. The sizing chart worked perfect!

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  29. RD

    Pilot Shirts. I like 4 Stripes shirts because of the tapered fit and soft collar. Good quality.

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  30. SB

    Men’s Pilot Shirts. These shirts are great. They do not wrinkle easily and are comfortable for long duty days.

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  31. DM

    Easy to use.I love the 100% cotton fabric. Well made shirt.

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  32. JC

    Quality stitching.Very nice fitting. I love the quality of the material

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  33. J

    Great shirt.This is a great summer shirt and is slightly fitted around the torso.

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  34. TL

    Fits great, seems well made. Bought the wrong size first and very easy returns. Should use the size table.

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  35. E

    5 stars. High quality and comfortable

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  36. SM

    best pilot shirts.wesome shirts I will buy more

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  37. CB

    Best pilot shirt ever. Exceeding expectations. After 35 years of trying various shirts, 4Stripes has provided me the the ideal shirt. Either short or long sleeve,which looks very distinguished, the fabric and details throughout are exceptional. Long tail so it will remain tucked in. Collar is padded (white fabric) too for comfort and rigid for a more professional look.

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  38. C

    Five stars.Feels good, fits good.

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Weight 0,4 kg

Presenting The
High Tech Pilot Shirt

UV Protective

Tested and Certified

Non Iron

Wash. Hang. Wear

100% Cotton

Finest Quality

Nano Fiber

Oil and stain resistance

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