About us

About us

About us

4 Stripes GmbH

4 Stripes GmbH is a Berlin based limited company. The idea and execution of the first Aviator’s Lifestyle brand is made by Aviators, who are also stakeholders of 4 Stripes Company.

Similarly to our daily Aviator Life, we planned every single step in the creation of our business. Because we held our selves to the highest of standards. We experienced what’s important for Pilots. As a result, we have tailored our products to their needs.

Certainly, we will offer products wherever we see a need to make Pilot’s life healthier and easier. Consequently, each product that we launch will combine innovation and comfort.

We hope you enjoy the convenience of our products and appreciate your support as we enable more innovation in the Aviator’s Lifestyle.

Finally, feel free to contact us with any feedback you may have! 


TITK was a Crucial partner in developing and testing our innovative material. Their tests proved our promises.

Using the research and development work carried out by the “Institute for Man-Made Fibre Technology” as a basis, the TITK has advanced from an organisation offering research expertise for the application of fibres in the textile industry to an ultra- modern and world-renown institute for polymer materials research.

As an industry-oriented research institute, the TITK conducts both fundamental and applied research in fields of relevance to various industries.

Among other things, TITK supports small and medium-sized enterprises with their innovation efforts by providing them with interdisciplinary expert knowledge, innovative ideas, specialised knowledge of the industries they work with, and state-of-the-art technical infrastructure.

A team of 150 scientists and laboratory, technical and commercial assistants are employed by the institute and its subsidiary company.

Together, these staff members ensure rapid and competent implementation of R&D tasks and material testing procedures. 

Another partner we worked with is OETI. This accredited and professional Institute did our UV protection comparison test (Conventional – 4 Stripes).

Since their founding in 1967, OETI has established a reputation with both manufacturersand traders alike for testing and certifying textiles, interior design materials, personalprotective equipment (PPE) and testing textile, resilient and laminate flooring.

OETI is one of the founding members of the “International OEKO-TEX®” Association, a union of 16 renowned institutes for ecological textile research and testing.

At their Austrian Headquarters in Vienna, they offer customers a broad-based testing, Certification and training.

OETI is an accredited testing and certification body. 

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