Uncovering A Flawless Technology For Our Exceptional Shirts

Uncovering A Flawless Technology For Our Exceptional Shirts

Your Health Is Our First Priority

4 Stripes is all about bringing something different to the table. Our unique shirt has revolutionized the healthcare of pilots and we are excited to present this unique product to the aviation world.

While there are many pilot shirts available from our competitors, the quality is not up to the standards professional pilots deserve. The desire to ensure the comfort and health of aviators inspired us to develop “The Aviator Shirt”.

With the customer in mind, we selected materials that will solve the problems aviators around the world experience when it comes to their attire.

4 Stripes shirts are both stain resistant and more insulated than the average shirt! In hot or cold climates, you are better protected against the elements—talk about a hot deal!

Ready To Wear. Ready To Protect.

We refined the shirt making process. Using the finest materials and a perfectly crafted structure, we’ve developed a seamless process.

Our one-of-a-kind structure keeps the shirt straight after washing. Our experts meticulously make each seam to ensure the best results. 

One Shirt - Multiple Perks!

As Pilots, we know just how strenuous a job like this can be, so comfort is one of our primary goals. The 4 Stripes shirt doesn’t just stop at being a non-ironing shirt, the benefits go on.

We use 100% cotton along with our Nano-Fabric to ensure the best comfort for our customers. Cotton is a natural substance that surpasses all synthetic material in terms of quality and durability. It also adds to the breathability in the material that makes it so insulated in different climates.

It is the ONLY pilot shirt currently on the market that protects you from UV rays. It also protects you from injuries caused by spilling your hot coffee, tea, or other hot drinks. The 4 Stripes shirt puts its UV shielding technology at the forefront of the design, however the many other benefits help keep your life as comfortable as possible.  

Luxury Around Your Neck

Most pilot dress codes require the wearing of a tie. The 4 Stripes shirt comes with a built-in solution that affords relief to your neck.

Our certified material in the inner collar controls the temperature and dries quickly. Whether you are wearing a tie or not, the 4 Strips shirt ensures that you have the most comfortable flight possible.  

Creating “The Aviator Shirt”

Our goal in making “The Aviator Shirt” is the delivery of safety in pilot clothingBy purchasing a 4 Stripes shirt, you are supporting a paradigm shift. Expectations, especially in terms of safety, will move the industry towards safer working environments for Pilots.

The health and wellness of our pilots should be an industry priority, and that is what we aim to achieve.

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